TREE Trimming

Tree and hedge trimming services.

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Tree & Stump Removal

Expert, safe and courteous removal of trees and stumps.

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Our arborists are tree fanatics. Let us help you care for your wooden investment.

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Expert tree service for all your needs! We also service hedges and bushes. Our service area covers Orem, Provo, Lindon, American Fork, Highland, Alpine, Lehi, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Springville, Mapleton, Spanish Fork, Payson, Draper, Sandy, Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah & Salt Lake Counties. Our rates are competitive and very affordable. Services include:

Tree & hedge trimming

As Utah’s finest tree experts, we know how to care for your tree or hedge. Oak, elm, maple, cherry blossom, ginkgo, cottonwood, box elder, pine — we work with all types of trees. Standard tree service includes trimming, cutting and pruning. Is there a large branch hanging over your house? Just one snowstorm can increase the weight of a branch dramatically, causing it break and fall. Fallen branches and trees are not only unsightly, but they can be quite dangerous as well. It’s better to trim your tree before the damage occurs.

Hedges are one of the most beautiful, stately features any yard can have. They shape the landscape and give the property a regal feel. However, when hedges get overgrown, they become an eyesore. Hedge trimming is time consuming. Our professionals are experienced in maintaining hedges as well as trees. A clean, well-trimmed hedge will increase the aesthetic value of your property and should not be ignored.

Tree removal

Removal is another tree service we offer. Uncle Bob says he can remove that giant cottonwood with his pickup truck? Think twice. Tree removal is a dangerous business. It requires expert understanding of cutting, climbing and felling trees. Our courteous arborists are trained and put safety first. You can rest assured that Utah County Tree Service will remove that unsightly stick in the safest, quickest and least intrusive manner possible. Our tree removal service comes at a very competitive cost.

Orem & Utah County Tree Service
Trees are an essential element to any property. From clean air to aesthetic pleasure, trees are one of our greatest assets on Earth.

Tree planting

Trees can be an expensive purchase. You want to give your organism the best chances of survival. Our company knows how to plant a tree in the optimum manner, including proper use of soil, fertilizer and water. Every tree is different, both deciduous and coniferous — and knowledge of these differences helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Stump Removal

Let’s face it, stumps are hard to remove! We are experts at stump removal. Gone are the days of hooking a chain to the back of your truck. We have the tools to do it right. We are professionals.

Tree Nourishment & Care

Just like your kids, you want your trees to grow strong and tall. At Utah County Tree Service, we are intimately familiar with the chemistry of each tree. We know what is necessary to strengthen and nourish them, allowing them to grow and flourish. Did you know that up to 50% of your tree’s mass can be water? Proper watering — the right amount at the right time — is absolutely crucial to the growth of your tree. Proper fertilization is also essential. The right blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium helps the tree grow rapidly, without deficiencies in any nutrient.

Disease, insect and fungus Mitigation

Even with the proper nutrition and sunlight, a tree can find itself the target of an unwanted attack. Bacteria, fungus, beetles and other insects can make your tree their home. If left unchecked, they can eventually kill your tree. Our tree doctors are trained in healing and strengthening your tree. The last thing anybody wants is to invest time, money and energy into a tree, only to find it dead from an infection or infestation. Don’t let this happen to you. Let our tree doctors heal your tree!

Did you know? A tree professional is called an “arborist,” from “arbor,” the Latin word for tree.
  • Tree removal and trimming.