Remove dead stumps from your property.

Why remove stumps?

Once you have cut a tree down and removed the bulk of it, you will be left with a stump. There are many reasons why one may wish to remove a stump. For starters, they can be an eyesore. A contiguous landscape should not be interrupted with unsightly stumps. They can also block an area, preventing you from using the space for something else. Eventually, they may even begin to rot and become infested with termites.

What options do I have?

This depends on a number of factors. These include:

  1. What type of tree was it?
  2. How old was the tree when it was removed?
  3. How large is the stump?

Some types of trees (like pine) are softer, and the stumps are therefore easier to remove. Hardwoods can be significantly more difficult to eliminate. A stump removal professional will determine the best solution for removing the eyesore. This can involve complete removal of the stump, or grinding away the bulk of it while leaving the roots. This often requires the use of expensive, heavy machinery.

Another method of removing a stump is to use chemicals to cause it to decompose. These chemicals are harsh and are best handled by a professional. Chemicals such as potassium nitrate, copper sulfate and triclopyr. The latter two are general herbicides and have a tendency to kill any other plants around. An arborist will know which chemical is best for the particular application.

How long does stump removal take?

Stump removal can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few weeks, depending on the removal method used. For example, potassium nitrate, while effective, requires several days to penetrate the wood, after which some labor is required to remove the rest of the material. Stump grinding, however, can be performed in one day.

Stump removal services are great for your property.
Stumps are an eyesore and can cause damage. They should be removed by a component arborist.

Should I hire a professional?

Yes, you should hire a professional to remove stumps. For one, stump removal can be an expensive task. Renting and transporting the necessary machinery can quickly add up. Mistakes can be costly, damage property and potentially injure you. A tree service professional will remove stumps safely and quickly. They will clean up the property after you, saving you additional time and money.

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