Proper tree care helps your trees grow strong and healthy.
Proper care helps your trees to grow strong and healthy.

Once a tree is planted, a certain amount of energy needs to be devoted to nourishing it. Tree care involves several steps:

  • Stakes for new trees
  • Proper use of fertilizers
  • Frequent and proper watering
  • Disease and fungus mitigation

How should I water the tree?

This depends on the type of tree, quality of soil, time since planting and a number of other factors. Trees that are planted in soil that consists of much clay can be watered less. This is because the soil retains water longer than others. A younger tree may need more water that a more well-established plant. You’ll want to avoid using your sprinkler system to water the tree. Water can evaporate and may not penetrate the soil to the roots. A drip-irrigation system or hose near the base of the tree is best. Younger trees should be watered once a week during the summer and fall.
A more established tree may not need as much water. Often, rain and moisture from sprinkler systems provide enough water.

Should I use mulch?

Mulch is great for helping the soil retain more moisture, as well as making the tree more aesthetically pleasing.

What about diseases?

We love our trees. Unfortunately, so do many other creatures and fungi. Various insects, including beetles, can make your tree home, causing it to become blighted or even die. Contact a tree care expert today to help mitigate these issues.

Proper tree care helps your tree be an asset.
Trees can be a great source of pleasure — but they must be cared for properly.

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