Tree planting can make your property fresh and beautiful.
Planting a tree and watching it grow is one of the most fulfilling things you can do!

Whether your property was recently landscaped, has been landscaped for many years, or is an empty lot, new trees can always add a new flavor to the land. Tree planting can be a tricky business. You first must dig a hole deep enough for the tree to fit. Too shallow or too deep; the tree may not grow well. Proper soil balance is necessary for the young, tender tree to grow. The tree also needs to be far enough from other trees and structures so as not to cause damage. The roots can expand out many yards. Too close to your house and they could cause damage to the foundation!

Once planted, a tree planting service professional may use stakes to help the tree stand up straight. High winds can knock over a young tree. Eventually, those stakes may be removed. Your arborist will know how to stake a young, tender tree.

After planting, you must properly water and nourish the tree. Our tree planting professional will offer the advice you need. Proper watering is crucial. Too much or too little water can cause problems. Trees are an expensive investment, and you want to give your investment the best opportunities for growth.

Picking out the right tree to plant can also be difficult. You must consider the planting zone where you live, your present needs and the potential future with the tree. Some trees grow very high–others grow wide. How a tree looks when young may not be very representative of how it will look in 5, 10 or 20 years. A tree service professional knows how to balance these factors.

Fertilizer should not be used with young trees. These chemicals are designed for more well-established plants. It’s also best to plant your tree in the late fall or early spring — when the trees are dormant.

Tree planting is a great way to increase property value, provide shade, ensure privacy and add aesthetic beauty to any house or plot of land. A good mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees can add balance and beauty. Our tree service professionals can guide you in every step of the process.

Trees can be planted to provide privacy, shade and beauty.
A young tree can provide privacy, shade and beauty.

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