Tree trimming is our most common service.
Some trees can become…overgrown.

At Orem Tree Experts, tree trimming is the most common service we offer. From an aesthetic standpoint, a well-trimmed tree is a thing of beauty. It allows light to illuminate parts of your landscape that would otherwise be shaded. It also shows that you take pride in your property and want it to be clean, neat and tidy. Very few things are more unsightly then a maze of branches. For the health of the tree, tree trimming can also be beneficial. If the tree has diseased or dead branches, removal of these branches will prevent infection from spreading elsewhere in the tree. Pruning the old branches can allow space for new growth.

Tree trimming timing

When was the last time you had that large tree trimmed? Trees should be trimmed every 3-5 years. A professional in tree trimming will know which branches to remove and which to keep, allowing your tree to continue a healthy and productive life, giving you and your family many more years of pleasure. There are several different types of tree trimming services. These include basic maintenance, crown raising, crown reduction and fine tree trimming. Trees can be trimmed for the purpose of improving the view, removing obstacles, protecting the foundation of a house and protecting the roof of a building. Some trees may need to be trimmed in the fall, and others in the spring. If trimmed at the wrong time, damage to your tree may result.

Safety is always 1st!

Tree trimming is a dangerous business. It’s best left to the professionals. It often includes large branches, which, when cut, can fall and injure a person. Arborists often need to climb a tree in order to remove branches that are higher up. They use safety equipment, like harnesses and ropes, that is specially designed for tree trimming service. Not all trees are the same, either. A tree service professional will know how to approach a particular tree. Safety is always number one.

Tree trimming can produce beautiful results.
A tree can be a great source of beauty and pleasure for your family.

Here in Utah, we all know that winters can be rough. With snow on the roads, little sunlight and poor air quality, there is always something that can make winter difficult. Let’s not make it harder than it has to be by allowing a tree branch to break and damage our house! Tree trimming is a very important service that ensures safety in the winter. Large snowfalls (especially very wet snow) can stress a branch. High winds also stress a tree. Eventually, branches reach a breaking point and then…crash! Avoid the crash. Have your tree professionally trimmed and you will never have to hear that dreadful sound.

Should I hire a professional to trim my tree?

Yes! You should always hire a professional when it comes to trimming or pruning your trees. There are many factors to consider, including aesthetic goals, tree health and safety considerations. Never underestimate the force that a falling branch can have. They can be quite dangerous. Only a tree trimming service professional has the necessary equipment to climb trees and remove branches that are high up. A professional arborist knows when, how and where to trim your tree. Tree trimming experts have many years of qualified experience that enables them to perform these tasks with safety, intelligence and precision. You should not attempt to trim the tree yourself. Many accidents have occurred when homeowners try to prune their own trees. There are too many factors to take into consideration for such an important and dangerous job. Let the experts do it!

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