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Pests, disease and fungus can really ruin your day — and that of your tree’s.

Every region has its own trouble with bugs…and Utah is no exception! In our high desert home, certain pests live–and even thrive–on our trees. Here are some of the pests and diseases you may encounter:

  • Aphid — Aphids are a very common critter. Also known as “greenfly” or “blackfly”, these creature are barely visible to the naked eye. Despite that, their damage can be readily seen by anyone looking. They affect box elder, ash, oak, cottonwood and numerous other species.
  • Mountain Pine Beetle — Often affecting coniferous species (such as pine and cedar), these tree pests can be quite devastating. Their damage is very easy to spot: a dead, red pine tree is often the victim of the pine beetle. They are hardy, surviving drought and fire. They are most commonly found in higher elevations, such as the Wasatch and Uintah mountain ranges.
  • IPS Beetle — Similar to the Mountain Pine Beetle, this little guy is tiny, yet packs a big punch. They are quite destructive. Most commonly found in coniferous species. Using their powerful sense of smell, they can attract other beetles to fresh prey. They leave “tracks” in the wood which can be readily seen when the bark is removed. Don’t let these little buggers ruin your day.
  • Aspen Leaf Spot — This is a fungus that affects, well, aspens! It can look like a mineral deficiency but leaves distinct black (dead) spots on the leaves of aspen trees.
  • Anthracnose — Several types of fungus fall under the category of anthracnose. This disease affects deciduous trees in shady areas the worst. Symptoms include dead or dying leaves, stems, fruit, twigs or whole branches.

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